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Client recovers $550,000 for neck and back injury, but has not undergone surgical procedures.     60 year old man sustains major injuries from a train derailment.     Client gets hit by a drunk driver as a passenger of a vehicle and sustains a hip fracture.     79 year old man wins full insurance policy limit of $1,000,000 after surgeon caused paralysis as a result of Kypholasty.     After post-operation malpractices on a coronary artery bypass graft, patient dies due to renal failure.    A cardiologist discharges a 19 year old man without evaluating his serious congenital heart disease. The client dies while playing basketball.     If you or a loved one have been injured through the negligence of another, call Vrdolyak Law Group, LLC. today to get the money and results you deserve. Call (773) 731-3313.          

Workers' Compensation

Have you been injured on the job? The emotional experience can be just as draining as the pain from your injuries—supervisors and co-workers turning on you, insurance adjusters refusing to pay your benefits, nurse case managers ordering where you can and cannot treat, and company clinics telling you that there is no reason for you to have pain. Your employer has big business on its side with huge insurance conglomerates looking for any chance to punish you, and even has the ear of the legislature. Do you have anyone on your side?

The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act has been recently changed, but continues to offer three fundamental benefits to injured workers—choice of your medical provider, payment in the form of temporary total disability when you are unable to work because of your injuries, and payment of a lump sum for the permanent disability you sustained. At the Vrdolyak Law Group, we fight against the powerful employers and insurance companies to ensure that the injured worker receives the benefits to which he or she is entitled. With all of the requirements to ensure a compensable workers’ compensation case, you need an expert in your corner.

Contact us to discuss your accident, or to get a second opinion if you currently have legal representation.

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Rafael was injured at work and was awarded $750,000 - a real case*.

Vrdolyak Law Group fought for him and got Rafael his workers’ compensation. Read More.

Gary injured his back at work and the insurance company refused to pay! The Vrdolyak Law Group got him over $400,000 ! A real client.

Gary injured his back at work and was unable to work for over a year! The Vrdolyak Law Group fought to get Gary his back pay, medical bills covered and over $400,000 in compensation! Read More.

Beverly was injured at work and her employer refused to pay - a real client.

Beverly contacted the Vrdolyak Law Group and we forced the insurance company to pay her substancial settlement for her injuries. Read More.

Thomas was injured at work and could not go back - a real client.

While at work, Thomas fell off of a ladder injuring his back and shoulder. Read More.

Dean was injured at work. The Vrdolyak Law Group made sure he recieved compensation he deserved! A real client.

Dean was injured while working at his construction job and needed to have surgery. Read More.

Michael injured his back while at work - a real client.

Michael injured his back at work but didn't immediately need surgery. The Vrdolyak Law Group fought to get Michael's medical bills paid and successfully won a settlement for his injury. Read More.

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Vrdolyak Law Group Proudly Supports USA CARES

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Vrdolyak Law Group Offers Reduced Fees for Police, Fire, Military and Veterans

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