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Client recovers $550,000 for neck and back injury, but has not undergone surgical procedures.     60 year old man sustains major injuries from a train derailment.     Client gets hit by a drunk driver as a passenger of a vehicle and sustains a hip fracture.     79 year old man wins full insurance policy limit of $1,000,000 after surgeon caused paralysis as a result of Kypholasty.     After post-operation malpractices on a coronary artery bypass graft, patient dies due to renal failure.    A cardiologist discharges a 19 year old man without evaluating his serious congenital heart disease. The client dies while playing basketball.     If you or a loved one have been injured through the negligence of another, call Vrdolyak Law Group, LLC. today to get the money and results you deserve. Call (773) 731-3313.          

Personal Injury Law

If you are injured because of someone's negligence, you are entitled to
compensation. Whether you were injured because of a hazardous condition on someone's property in a place of business or private residence, on the job, in an automobile accident or in a nursing home or hospital, you may be entitled to compensation. To obtain fair compensation though, you must have legal representation.

At the Vrdolyak Law Group, we specialize in collecting money from the insurance companies of negligent drivers for lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering and disability. After you have been injured in an auto accident, seek legal representation immediately to protect your rights.

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Cook County deputy sheriff says that in all the courtrooms he's even been in, no one fights harder than Vrdolyak Law Group! Sends daughter to Vrdolyak to fight for her! Real Client.

 Vaness' father was a Cook County deputy sheriff for over 30 years, where he was assigned to numerous coutrooms. There he oberved thousands of lawyers conduct countless jury trials. In all his years, he never... Read More.

Stacy was bit by a spider and received over 1/2 million dollars! A real case.*

Stacy was at a place of business and was bit by a spider. Other attorney's refused to help Stacy. Read More.

Kate's leg was bruised by a bike messenger. She was compensated almost $400,000! A real case.*

Kate bruised her leg when a bike messenger knocked her down. Due to her diabetes, her bruise would not heal quickly. Read More.

Victor was burnt due to someone else's negligence - a real client.

Victor suffered a bad burn due to another’s negligence. The Vrdolyak Law Group took the insurance company to court and Victor was awarded almost $300,000. Read More.

Rudy was hit by a cab and injured his legs. The insurance company refused to pay.

Rudy was struck by a cab while crossing the street and injured his legs. His insurance company claimed the cab was not at fault, but the Vrdolyak Law Group hired an investigator who found witnesses proving the cab was at... Read More.

Alex’s was awarded $60,000 when the ceiling in his apartment fell on him

When the ceiling in Alex’s apartment collapsed on him, he injured his neck. The insurance company refused... Read More.

Tracy was injured in a big-box store but blamed for her own injuries. She recovered over $200,000.

Tracy was struck by a forklift in a big box store. The store employees claimed that Tracy's injuries were her own fault. The Vrdoylak Law Group fought for her and forced the insurance company to pay over... Read More.

Thomas injured his neck when someone shook him. He recovered more than eight times his medical bills.

Thomas injured his neck when a man shook him without his permission. In a short amount of time, the Vrdolyak Law Group made the other party pay eight times his medical bills in compensation. Read More.

Vrdolyak Law Group recovered a jury verdict award of $1.3 million for Larenda

  Read More.

Vrdolyak Law Group recovered a jury verdict of $3.5 million for Juan

  Read More.

Recent Verdicts Concerning Johnson's Baby Powder

Vrdolyak cares deeply about the safety of our clients. Click here to find out more about the connection between baby powder and ovarian cancer.

Vrdolyak Can Help You Get the Social Security Disability Benefits You Deserve

Have you or a loved one been denied by the Social Security Administration? Vrydolyak has helped hundreds of people obtain disability benefits they deserve. Click for more information.

Vrdolyak Law Group Proudly Supports USA CARES

Vrdolyak teams up with USA CARES to support our military families. Read about how Vrdolyak contributes to our community.

Vrdolyak Law Group Offers Reduced Fees for Police, Fire, Military and Veterans

We value the contribution of our police, fire and military. Ask us about reduced fees if you've served our community or our country.