61-year-old ironworker injured back and shoulder lifting; no surgery; after trial commission awarded permanent total disability to receive workers compensation benefits for the rest of his life. 49-year-old hospital aid injured shoulder carrying surgical equipment; surgery denied by employer; after trial commission ordered respondent to authorize and pay for necessary surgery for the shoulder and pay all workers compensation benefits while petitioner off work. 50-year-old police officer injured knee tripping over parking lot abutment; employer denied claim refused to pay for surgery or workers comp benefits; after trial commission ordered employer to pay for necessary surgery and pay all workers compensation benefits. If you or a loved one have been injured through the negligence of another, call Vrdolyak Law Group, LLC. today to get the money and results you deserve. Call (773) 731-3313.


The Vrdolyak Law Group raised and donated $25,000 to help active military members and veterans who are in danger of losing their homes. The donation was raised by The Vrdolyak Law Group through friends, family, and business partners, and was given to USA Cares. USA Cares exists to lessen the burdens for post 911 active military and their families through financial and advocacy support in their times of need. Mortgage and rent assistance is one of those areas. “When an active military member is deployed overseas, fighting for our freedom, they shouldn’t have to worry about whether their family has a roof over their heads. That’s why it’s important we help,” said Edward J. Vrdolyak, Managing Partner, The Vrdolyak Law Group. “That’s incredible! Dozens and dozens of families are going to be able to stay in their homes, take care of what they need to take care of, and not have think about that little bit of a burden of keeping their family in their home,” said Bryan Anderson, Veteran, National Spokesperson, USA Cares. Vrdolyak Law Group offers reduced fees for active military and veterans. To watch the complete video, please visit The Vrdolyak Law Group’s Facebook page @VrdolyakLaw.