61-year-old ironworker injured back and shoulder lifting; no surgery; after trial commission awarded permanent total disability to receive workers compensation benefits for the rest of his life. 49-year-old hospital aid injured shoulder carrying surgical equipment; surgery denied by employer; after trial commission ordered respondent to authorize and pay for necessary surgery for the shoulder and pay all workers compensation benefits while petitioner off work. 50-year-old police officer injured knee tripping over parking lot abutment; employer denied claim refused to pay for surgery or workers comp benefits; after trial commission ordered employer to pay for necessary surgery and pay all workers compensation benefits. If you or a loved one have been injured through the negligence of another, call Vrdolyak Law Group, LLC. today to get the money and results you deserve. Call (773) 731-3313.


The Vrdolyak Law Group funded and delivered over 1,200 bags of groceries for senior citizens, the disabled, veterans, and other homebound at-risk people during the COVID-19 pandemic. Joining Vrdolyak Law in the relief effort was Chicago businessman, Early Walker, owner of W&W Towing, who is known as Chicago’s Secret Angel. “The groceries were shelf-stable products, but as nutritionally balanced as possible. We included items like canned vegetables and fruit, beans, rice, pasta and sauce to help each senior household get through the week,” said Edward J. Vrdolyak, Managing Partner, Vrdolyak Law Group. The names of the seniors in need came through many channels. Early Walker provided names for a number of seniors in need through his community outreach. Toni Preckwinkle’s office (Cook County Board President) helped facilitate the efforts through Chicago’s faith-based communities. “Many people also reached out through our Facebook page after hearing about the relief efforts on local media,” said Peter Vrdolyak, Partner, Vrdolyak Law Group. Vrdolyak Law Group made sure that delivery volunteers took precautions to keep themselves and the seniors they delivered to safe. “We consulted with a physician who works with elderly patients. He gave us a set of steps we took to minimize risk of exposure for the senior citizens,” said Early Walker, who helped with deliveries. “Not only are our seniors and disabled people most at risk during this COVID-19 pandemic, they also are the ones who have the toughest time getting out to the stores. When you have limited mobility and the store shelves are bare, it can be an extremely difficult time for you. We have a 60-year history of helping our community. So, there was no question that we had to help our seniors who are most at-risk during this challenging time,” said Edward J. Vrdolyak, Managing Partner, Vrdolyak Law Group.