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Five Decades of Dedication



The mission of The Vrdolyak Law Group is to provide exceptional legal representation to those who have been injured or killed in motor vehicle, plane, train, fall-down, construction, nursing home, medical malpractice, or work-related accidents. In this endeavor, The Vrdolyak Law Group employs a strong, capable, and aggressive group of experienced trial attorneys whose focus is to maximize the value of each and every case for the benefit of our clients through jury trial, arbitration, mediation, or settlement.


At The Vrdolyak Law Group, our bold and dynamic approach to personal injury litigation is a result of more than 55 years of experience dealing with insurance companies and their attorneys. Time and time again, most insurance companies use a “Deny, Delay, Don’t Pay” tactic while injured people lose their jobs, homes, and ability to put food on the table. Our zealous trial attorneys vigorously fight on behalf of our clients and won't accept however little the insurance company eventually offers.


All litigators are attorneys, but not all attorneys are litigators. At The Vrdolyak Law Group, our passion and determination to get you top dollar surpasses the insurance company's desire to undervalue your case. That's how we level the playing field. By refusing to accept "low-ball" offers and forcing insurance companies to go to trial by jury, we send them a clear message that we will not let our clients be bullied or treated like just another claim number. All of the attorneys at The Vrdolyak Law Group have taken cases to trial. Experienced trial attorneys coupled with a realization by the insurance companies and their attorneys that we will fight long and hard to get what's fair for our clients, provides a benefit to all our present and future clients. This aggressive, effective approach has helped The Vrdolyak Law Group recover hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients.


At The Vrdolyak Law Group, the attorneys, legal assistants, paralegals, clerks, and staff members work together with the clients as one cohesive unit. Our attorneys and staff patiently listen to our clients, address their concerns, and keep them informed on the progress of their cases. We also take a pro-active role to work with our clients' medical providers, often employing medical experts and consultants to ensure that the best possible medical care is provided.


It is our promise that the attorneys at The Vrdolyak Law Group will never be out-prepared, out-smarted or out-worked. That’s why in recent years while the economy has declined, our verdict and settlement amounts have actually increased.



Y-ME Race Against Breast Cancer

Avon Walk for Breast Cancer

Glenwood School for Boys & Girls

Greater Chicago Food Depository

Coat Drive for Kids

Mercy Home for Boys & Girls

Special Olympics Illinois

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

USA Cares



The Vrdolyak Law Group has sponsored numerous charitable organizations. We believe in doing what we can for the community, and in alleviating suffering and improving people's lives wherever we can.


We have also sponsored fundraising activities for various districts of the Chicago Police Department as well as their retirement fund.


We are active in supporting community arts and

youth athletics programs. We believe these programs help enrich our communities while providing enjoyment and learning for young and old alike.

Some of the organizations that we have sponsored include:

Chicago Southside



9618 S Commercial Avenue

Chicago, IL 60617

(773) 731-3311






Chicago Downtown



100 N Riverside Plaza, Suite 2400

Chicago, IL 60606

(312) 482-8200






Chicago South Suburbs


7725 W 159th Street

Tinley Park, IL 60477

(708) 429-2332









500 Church Street, Suite 220

Nashville, TN 37219

(844) 485-4529




The Vrdolyak Law Group is a full-service law firm with offices in Chicago and Nashville. We have recovered over $9 Billion through representation and consulting for our clients. We are champions that have been fighting to WIN for YOU for 50 years.

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