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Truck Accident Lawsuits


The trucking industry is a complex one. The specific trucking laws and regulations can make truck accident lawsuits more elaborate than most. Not to mention the amount of damage done in an average trucking accident is substantial. It takes extensive knowledge of trucking accidents and lawyers that can successfully research, build, and argue to get the settlement you deserve or try your case in court.


Our experience in this area of accident lawsuits and our long history in the Chicagoland area makes us the perfect practice to take on your trucking accident.


If you have been in a trucking accident call our lawyers at Vrdolyak. We will make sure you know your legal rights and that you get experienced representation you can trust. Trucking accidents can be traumatizing. We understand what you are going through and want to help make this process less painful and assist on your path to recovery.




Act Quickly- Why is matters to act quickly after a Truck Accident

No one is perfect. Mistakes happen. But negligence is preventable. No matter the circumstance, no one should have to suffer because of another’s inattention or disregard.


It is the job of your attorney to prove that the driver was both being negligent and responsible for accident. Time is of the essence when it comes to hospital bills, car repairs, or even worse, funeral arrangements.


Truck drivers in particular have a responsibility to be cognizant, as their much greater size increases risk and danger on the road. To prove negligence and lack of responsibility of a driver in an accident


  1. Duty: The truck driver has duty to other drivers on the road. They need to exercise reasonable care on the road.
  2. Breach: The truck driver breached that duty of responsible care on the road. Through one of the many causes outlined above.
  3. Damages: as a result of that act or omission by the truck driver, the other driver suffering injuries of some type.
  4. Causation: the injury to the other driver is a reasonably foreseeable consequence of the truck driver’s act or omission.


The best chance for a successful claim/case can be directly related to the evidence provided. Is it available to be analyzed? What type of evidence is there? Is it fresh evidence?


Many states have a statute of limitations. State legislation sets a time line on when you have to file a claim. Waiting to take action could prevent you from getting the help and compensation you need and deserve.



Who Do You Sue?

There are so many different factors that come into play when it comes to trucking accidents. It is a great task trying to determine the negligent parties or accidental issues that can occur during an accident. In trucking lawsuits those liable could be one or many of the below:


  • A truck driver employed through a company
  • A contracted truck driver
  • The company that employs truck drivers
  • The company the contracts truck drivers
  • The person or business receiving the shipment
  • The company that loaded the truck
  • The manufacturers of the truck
  • The manufacturers of vehicle parts
  • Government bodies that own and control operation of government vehicles
  • The insurance companies of respective parties























Truck Accident Investigation Steps

  1. Assess the injury
  2. Get medical treatment if needed
  3. Interview victims and witnesses
  4. Observe site of accident
  5. Analyze the facts
  6. File a claim
  7. Follow up
  8. Corrective Action



Compensation After a Truck Accident Lawsuit

Compensation can come in different forms and can vary between cases. Examples of compensation for a truck accident can be:


  • Past and future medical bills
  • Future cost of rehabilitation and medical care
  • Lost employment and wages
  • Work compensation
  • Lost of employment
  • Future wages if you lost employment
  • Mental health resources
  • Punitive damages for the at-fault party


Truck Accident Lawsuit Time Line


Claim Assessment


File and Complaint

Case Discovery

Begin Mediation

Go to Trial


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