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The Vrdolyak Law Group Obtains Jury Verdict In Excess of $2.5 Million on Behalf of Grieving Mother

CHICAGO, July 11, 2017 - The Vrdolyak Law Group recovered more than $2.5 million for an Illinois woman whose 18-month-old daughter was struck and killed by a car. After the accident took the life of her daughter, the insurance company blamed her for the tragedy and refused to offer her fair compensation.

Insurance companies routinely hire experts to offer opinions regarding how an accident happened and who was to blame. "The insurance company added insult to injury by blaming the mother for the loss of her child. Fortunately, we were able to convince those 12 jurors at trial to not only award over $2.5 million, but more importantly, give her peace of mind that this tragedy was not her fault," said Eddie Vrdolyak, Managing Partner at the Vrdolyak Law Group.

To counter the insurance company's claims, the Vrdolyak Law Group hired their own experts to prove that the accident was not their client's fault. "Big insurance has the money to hire experts to discredit and shift blame for an accident just so they don't have to compensate victims. At the Vrdolyak Law Group, we spent tens of thousands of our own money to hire our own experts and level the playing field," added Steve Armbruster, Co-lead Attorney.

The Vrdolyak Law Group took the case to trial and convinced a jury to award over $2.5 million.

After the verdict, the woman felt vindicated and was able to grieve in peace.

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