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The Vrdolyak Law Group Continues Its Support to Fight Gun Violence

CHICAGO, Nov. 8, 2017 - The Vrdolyak Law Group continues its support of the Russell & Clarke Youth Foundation which organizes competitive sports for young athletes in an effort to fight gun violence.

The law firm donates to the organization to make it possible for 30 young athletes, ages 6 - 13, to play on the Orland Knights football team in the Chicago Metro League. Their donation covers entrance fees, equipment, facilities, and transportation.

"It's important that we invest in our young people. Through competitive sports, we can teach them many valuable life lessons," said Edward J. Vrdolyak, Managing Partner of the Vrdolyak Law Group.

The Russell & Clarke Youth Foundation was founded by Richard Russell, who is also an employee at the Vrdolyak Law Group. Russell started the foundation after his former teammate, LaVell Southern, was shot and killed at age 23 while simply standing on Randolph Street in Chicago's West Loop. LaVell had been a talented athlete in high school.

"We are losing a lot of youths to the streets," stated Russell. "When kids don't have sports or character-building activities, it's easier for them to become involved in gangs."

In addition to sports, the foundation offers tutoring in a variety of subjects. It also teaches young people the importance of community service by participating in recycling, an annual turkey drive, creating care packages for cancer patients, and community clean-ups. Russell himself mentors students as they prepare for college, interview for jobs, and tackle life's challenges.

"Our programs allow us to work with people from various cultures, races, and social backgrounds. It teaches discipline, teamwork, how to deal with adversity, and hard work," said Russell. "When I coach and see the impact that competitive sports have on these young people, I know that we're making a difference in our communities."

For more information about the Russell & Clarke Youth Foundation, or to donate, visit http://vrdolyak.com.

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